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For Release – 20 September 2012

NSGDatacom, Inc. Announces Wi-Modem G3000 Approved for Launch on Sprint Network

Chantilly, VA – September 20, 2012 – Today, NSGDatacom, Inc. announced that their Wi-Modem G3000 product has been tested by Sprint and found to be capable and certified for use on the Sprint network. This provides a path for customers replacing analog POTS service with a Sprint Wireless 3G connection. The Wi-Modem G3000 with integrated 3G wireless module is a replacement path for POTS/copper lines transporting analog data over a wireless network. The Wi-Modem can replace CSD applications and analog fax/modem paths with 3G transport of analog data.

For more information on Wi-Modem G3000:
http://www.nsgdata.com/netrix/products/Wimodem3000.pdf pdf icon

For a copy of the Sprint letter of approval:
http://www.nsgdata.com/news/2012/Wi-Modem_G3000_TA_Letter_(09-18-2012).pdf pdf icon

For more information on Sprint:


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