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IP VSAT Mediation devices, VoIP access and Optimisation

With IP VSAT services becoming more cost effective, the use of VSAT for IP connectivity of Voice and Data services is on the increase. The path towards HTS and large footprint Satellite broadband services is steering VSAT towards the mainstream of communications services.

Traditionally though VSAT has been used in applications where terrestrial and wireless services were not available such as remote areas or marine and mobile environments. Military and Government systems continue to rely on VSAT for secure and reliable connectivity.

In this fast evolving environment, NSGDatacom recognises the need of VSAT Integrators, Network Operators and Defence organisations for cost effective Mediation Access and Gateway equipment which provide connectivity for a variety of Voice and Data services, whilst adding the value of optimization and throughput management on the IP VSAT trunk. The NSGDatacom Netrix range of platforms addresses these requirements efficiently, reliably and cost effectively.

Nx2222: VoIP Gateway with Bandwidth Optimization

Nx2205D: Digital Voice and Data Gateway for IP Services

Nx2205A: Analog Voice and Data Gateway for IP services

Nx2205D VoIPZIP: Voice Compression Gateway for IP Services

Nx2205D VoIPAK: VoIP Packet Optimization Gateway

VoIP optimized for Satellite

Satellite Backup for Voice/Data Circuits Using The Nx2205D

Netrix Voice/Data Aggregation Products - Satellite Application

Frame Packing Solutions to Satellite Throughput Limitations

last updated: 2-June-15