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Wireless and M2M

NSG manufacture a range of devices to allow efficient transport of Voice and Data over cellular wireless services and in particular 3G and 4G. The Wi-modem takes all the features of the successful NSG Turbo range and adds an embedded 3G/4G modem. The unique ability of the Wi-Modem to interface with dial-up data modems and fax machines allow it to be used in many applications where standard VoIP platforms fail.

Applications for the Wi-Modem are numerous and include, Alarms and Security, Point of Sale, Fax over IP services, Lottery Terminal connectivity, Elevators management, SCADA and Telemetry, Remote Radio Control, etc. Additional functionality in Netrix Turbo and Wi-Modem family provide a combination of interfaces and functions applicable to specific applications and embedded systems, such as automatic wireless backup to terrestrial communications links and RAS .

Cellular Wireless replacement for Circuit Switched Data

RTNA application data sheet

Modem and Alarms: Application Note

Voice and Fax service over IP: Application Note

last updated: 20-November-15